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 first-rate first-rate /ˌfɝːˈstreɪt/


  1. () Of the highest quality  ( A-one , ace , tiptop , crack , first-rate , super , top-notch , topnotch , tops )
    of the highest quality
     An ace reporter
    an ace reporter
     A crack shot
    a crack shot
     A first-rate golfer
    a first-rate golfer
     A super party
    a super party
     Played top-notch tennis
    played top-notch tennis
     An athlete in tiptop condition
    an athlete in tiptop condition
     She is absolutely tops
    she is absolutely tops


  1. Quite well  ( first-rate , very well )
    quite well
     She doesn't feel first-rate today
    she doesn't feel first-rate today