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 fictitious fictitious /fɪkˈtɪʃəs/


  1. Adopted in order to deceive  ( assumed , false , fictitious , fictive , pretended , put on , sham )
    adopted in order to deceive
     An assumed name
    an assumed name
     An assumed cheerfulness
    an assumed cheerfulness
     A fictitious address
    a fictitious address
     Fictive sympathy
    fictive sympathy
     A pretended interest
    a pretended interest
     A put-on childish voice
    a put-on childish voice
     Sham modesty
    sham modesty
  2. Formed or conceived by the imagination  ( fabricated , fancied , fictitious , fictional )
    formed or conceived by the imagination
     A fabricated excuse for his absence
    a fabricated excuse for his absence
     A fancied wrong
    a fancied wrong
     A fictional character
    a fictional character