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 cheating cheating /ˈtʃiːtɪŋ/


  1. Violating accepted standards or rules  ( cheating , dirty , unsporting , unsportsmanlike , foul )
    violating accepted standards or rules
     A dirty fighter
    a dirty fighter
     Used foul means to gain power
    used foul means to gain power
     A nasty unsporting serve
    a nasty unsporting serve
     Fined for unsportsmanlike behavior
    fined for unsportsmanlike behavior
  2. Not faithful to a spouse or lover  ( adulterous , cheating , two-timing )
    not faithful to a spouse or lover
     Adulterous husbands and wives
    adulterous husbands and wives
     A two-timing boyfriend
    a two-timing boyfriend


  1. A deception for profit to yourself  ( cheat , cheating )
    a deception for profit to yourself