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 forced forced /ˈfɔrst/


  1. () Forced or compelled  ( forced )
    forced or compelled
     Promised to abolish forced labor
    promised to abolish forced labor
  2. () Produced by or subjected to forcing  ( forced )
    produced by or subjected to forcing
     Forced-air heating
    forced-air heating
     Furnaces of the forced-convection type
    furnaces of the forced-convection type
     Forced convection in plasma generators
    forced convection in plasma generators
  3. Lacking spontaneity; not natural  ( constrained , forced , strained )
    lacking spontaneity; not natural
     A constrained smile
    a constrained smile
     Forced heartiness
    forced heartiness
     A strained smile
    a strained smile
  4. Made necessary by an unexpected situation or emergency  ( forced )
    made necessary by an unexpected situation or emergency
     A forced landing
    a forced landing