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  • Road to Oz, The version 2
  • Road to Oz, The version 2
    Baum, L. Frank
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    Dorothy and Toto set out to help the Shaggy Man (who really is quite shaggy) and end up lost, following a strange road. Along the way they meet Button Bright, a little boy who is not really very bright at all, The Rainbow's Daughter, the Fox King and many other curious creatures including the deadly Scoodlers who want to make soup of them and the Musicker who can't stop making music. But the adventurers make their way to the Deadly Desert and cross it in a novel way to reach the Land of Oz. Santa Clause is a surprise guest at Ozma's Birthday Party along with many Queens, kings and and a wonderful time is had by all. Including Toto! [description by Phil Chenevert]