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  • Samson Agonistes
  • Samson Agonistes
    Milton, John
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    “The Sun to me is dark
    And silent as the Moon,
    When she deserts the night
    Hid in her vacant interlunar cave.”

    Milton composes his last extended work as a tragedy according to the classical Unities of Time, Place and Action. Nevertheless it “never was intended for the stage” and is here declaimed by a single reader.

    Samson the blinded captive, in company with the Chorus of friends and countrymen, receives his visitors on their varying missions and through them his violent story is vividly recalled. Then he is summoned to give a final demonstration of God-given strength to entertain the Philistines, his captors. Famously – and of course, offstage – his performance brings the house down.