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  • Peter Patter Book of Nursery Rhymes (Version 2)
  • Peter Patter Book of Nursery Rhymes (Version 2)
    Leroy F. Jackson
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    PETER PATTER told them to me,
    All the little rimes,
    Whispered them among the bushes
    Half a hundred times.

    Peter lives upon a mountain
    Pretty near the sun,
    Knows the bears and birds and rabbits
    Nearly every one;
    Has a home among the alders,
    Bed of cedar bark,
    Walks alone beneath the pine trees
    Even when it’s dark.

    Squirrels tell him everything
    That happens in the trees,
    Cricket in the gander-grass
    Sings of all he sees;
    Rimes from bats and butterflies,
    Crabs and waterfowl;
    But the best of all he gets
    From his Uncle Owl.

    Sometimes when its day-time,
    But mostly in the night,
    They sit beneath an oak tree
    And hug each other tight,
    And tell their rimes and riddles
    Funny little Peter Patter
    And his Uncle Owl.