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  • Goops and How to Be Them
  • Goops and How to Be Them
    Frank Gelett Burgess
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    Let me introduce a Race
    Void of Beauty and of Grace,
    Extraordinary Creatures
    With a Paucity of Features.
    Though their Forms are fashioned ill,
    They have Manners stranger still;
    For in Rudeness they're Precocious,
    They're Atrocious, they're Ferocious!
    Yet you'll learn, if you are Bright,
    Politeness from the Impolite.
    When you've finished with the Book,
    At your Conduct take a Look;
    Ask yourself, upon the Spot,
    Are you Goop, or are you Not?
    For, although it's Fun to See them
    It is Terrible to Be them!